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Ai-tronics Systems is a software engineering firm that provides machine intelligence and embedded systems, middleware development tools and solutions for the industrial automation and consumer electronics industries. The company's flagship product is an intelligent buildings automation framework which integrates artificial intelligence algorithms with industry-standard embedded operating systems and automation control system protocols.  


At Attune Medical (formerly Advanced Cooling Therapy, LLC), we look at the world around us and ask how we can both simplify and improve. We’ve revolutionized patient temperature management by simplifying access to the patient’s core. Our devices can be used to regulate body temperature for those who are experiencing hypothermia, stroke and more. They are easy to use, inexpensive and have been shown to improve medical outcomes. >Website


Aurea Research is developing advanced infrared systems, including a line of innovative infrared lamps for precise heating, as well as elliptic and parabolic reflectors for spot heating, line and uniform (2-dimensional) plane heating. The company also performs contract research in zero-expansion ceramics, focusing on materials, processes and nanoparticle technology. >Website

​Cavendish Energy

Cavendish Energy is focused on commercializing the production, distribution, and sale of gaseous hydrogen. Through its proprietary innovations, the company will provide a platform for commercially robust hydrogen production and storage.  >Website


Data Defenders is a leading provider of electronic voting system security solutions to election jurisdiction throughout the United States. To support electronic voting system security solutions, Data Defenders also provides IT Risk Management, Computer Incident Response Planning & Handling, Information Security and Computer Forensics solutions to Government, Corporate, and Consumer markets. For the Consumer market, Data Defenders has developed a unique holistic and hybrid approach for managing PC operations and security whose goal is to ensure the highest level of cyber security for users throughout the Internet. >Website


DeNovX is an innovative pharmaceutical technology company that provides platform products and services that accelerate pharmaceutical development while creating new intellectual property (IP) for commercially relevant drugs. Over 90% of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are crystalline solids, and our platform technologies reduce the risks associated with controlling the size, shape, and structure of these high value materials while creating new IP to enhance competitive advantage and to extend product life cycles. >Website


Over 30% of produce harvested is never consumed. This means that all of the resources put into cultivating this produce is also wasted. Produce waste does not occur at one single point in the supply chain; it is in fact is a system-wide issue. At Hazel Technologies, we develop new solutions to mitigate this waste in order to improve the efficiency of our fresh produce supply chain. >Website


IITRI is an independent, not-for-profit affiliate of Illinois Tech that conducts contract research for the pharmaceutical, biotech, veterinary, agrichemical and nutriceuticals industries. Research is related to pre-clinical toxicology, safety evaluations, drug discovery and development. Drawing on support from the National Institutes of Health, IITRI scientists also take part in studies focused on cancer diagnosis and prevention. >Website


Since 2006 INNOPSYS offers a complete range of InnoScan microarray scanners, enabling it to become a leader in its worldwide market. INNOPSYS markets its products in more than 30 countries through its distribution network and a subsidiary in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Its scanners are the fastest and have the best resolution in the world. >Website


Merisant is a global maker of artificial sweeteners, including the well-known brands Equal®, Canderel®, PureVia® Stevia Zero Calorie Sweetener and Whole Earth Sweetener®. With main headquarters in downtown Chicago, the company conducts research and development projects in its space at University Technology Park.  >Website

MuMeTel, LLC

Mumetel LLC is a company focusing on research and development of molecular biology assays/kits to detect gene mutations and microorganisms. It also produces molecular biology reagents, cloning products and control materials. The products and services provide efficient tools to molecular diagnostic laboratories and academic researchers to improve the performance of research and development. >Website


Since 2010, Swiss company QualySense has focused on development of high-end sorting solutions for grains, seeds and beans. The company's proprietary devices perform fast, reliable sorting based on physical and biochemical properties. The QSorter Explorer uses state-of-the-art technology with Vision Machine and high-resolution NIR spectroscopy to analyze and sort each grain individually. Customizable solutions are aimed at increasing food safety and quality, with specific uses in breeding and priming towards diet-specific and premium foods. QualySense is entering U.S. markets from its base of operations at University Technology Park. >Website


Roberson and Associates provides engineering development, research management, and specialized technology consulting services for a wide variety of corporate, government, and institutional customers. The company has an unusual depth of skills and boasts a very diverse experience base in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) area with a particular focus on wireless technology including the emerging Dynamic Access Networks and Cognitive Radio arena. >Website


S.T. Labs Inc. is a resource helping businesses work smarter and faster in solving the complex problems of a digitally disruptive world. As experts in massive, parallel prototyping, team members partner with leading companies and startups to understand strategic vision, determine product needs and quickly create prototypes that can be market-tested and scaled for production.  >Website


SAMDI Tech, Inc is a contract research organization that performs assays and high throughput screens for its clients. The company uses a proprietary label-free assay technology to perform rapid and quantitative assays of challenging biochemical targets. >Website


Sigenics Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that specializes in designing, testing and delivering custom integrated circuits for sensor, analog and mixed-signal applications. They offer expertise in analog and mixed-signal application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design and are experienced in working on projects that require specialized or unusual assemblies. In addition to design work, Sigenics provides volume production runs.  Currently, they supply a variety of high-reliability analog and mixed-signal ASIC devices to various commercial clients for end-use applications in aerospace, industrial sensing and controls, life sciences, and more. >Website

SiNode Systems, Inc.

SiNode Systems, Inc. develops advanced energy materials to power human innovation.  SiNode is commercializing advanced anodes for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries.  SiNode materials enable increased battery energy and power density, and are produced via a low-cost, wet chemistry-based manufacturing process.  SiNode seeks to change the landscape for today's lithium-ion batteries so they can meet the demands of a wide range of industries from consumer electronics to electric vehicles.  SiNode Systems is the winner of the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition and the 2013 National Department of Energy Clean Energy Business Plan Competition. >Website


Sword Diagnostics has introduced a next-generation detection system for ultrasensitive immunoassays. The system provides researchers with greater sensitivity which enables more accurate testing of low abundance markers. These increases in performance will aid researchers in basic and clinical science research, drug discovery, and could improve clinical diagnostics development, allowing clinicians and scientists to more accurately measure existing disease markers and to do so earlier in the disease progression. The new Sword Detection System utilizes a patented detection chemistry coupled with Raman Spectroscopy. >Website


Since 2006 INNOPSYS offers a complete range of InnoScan microarray scanners, enabling it to become a leader in its worldwide market. INNOPSYS markets its products in more than 30 countries through its distribution network and a subsidiary in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Its scanners are the fastest and have the best resolution in the world. >Website

Adello Biologics, LLC

Adello is a privately held biotechnology company that leads with science to accelerate development and drive manufacturing efficiency. The company's aim is to provide high-quality, affordable biosimilars to patients worldwide. With headquarters in Piscataway, NJ and a highly skilled professional team at the University Technology Part at IIT, Adello is advancing a strategic pipeline of proteins and complex monoclonal antibodies with lead candidates in oncology and immunology.  >Website

ADM Diagnostics, LLC

ADM Diagnostics, LLC, (ADMdx) provides imaging studies and data analysis to pharmaceutical companies, emphasizing brain disorders.  ADMdx has developed diagnostic software for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias, which is used to analyze data in clinical drug trials, and is working toward a diagnostic product for clinical use.  ADMdx's technology is capable of accurately discriminating Alzheimer's disease from other dementias, and can quantitatively rate a patient's disease severity. >Website


Provides wireless local area network (WLAN) technology in outdoor environments, primarily in the Great Lakes region. Air2Access wireless network service offerings include consulting, site surveys, wireless network design, installation, and system integration. Current focus is on deploying and operating Wi-Fi Hotspots in marinas and municipal Wi-Fi Hot Zones, and wirelessly enabled enterprise solutions with proven expertise in point-to-point network bridges and wireless video surveillance systems.  


An employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers. >Website


All Cell Technologies offers customized lithium-ion battery solutions forenergy storage and power systems in portable, stationary, and transportationapplications. These include plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric automobiles,and light electric vehicles, such as electric bikes and scooters. All Cellprovides a unique blend of engineering expertise, technical excellence, andpractical know-how to develop solutions tailored to many needs: cellselection, battery management system (BMS) design, phase-change materialdevelopment, product integration, and assembly. The companyâ??s focus onthermal management differentiates its high power lithium-ion battery systemsfrom other battery systems. All Cellâ??s patented phase change material (PCM)surrounds each lithium-ion cell to absorb and conduct heat away from thebattery, effectively doubling the life of the cells and preventing a fire orexplosion. All Cell offers the only passive thermal management system ( pumps, piping, or controls required), which provides for a simple, costeffective solution. >Website


A technology development company that is currently commercializing the next generation of cellulosic biomass conversion technology as well as an integrated biorefinery process for the production of other high value biofuels, chemicals, and food products.  


An emerging biotechnology company focused on therapies for androgen and nuclear receptor-related diseases. Specific targets for its products under development include prostate disease, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease and skin disease.  


ArborVita Associates (AVA) is a biotechnology company that has developed a simpler, faster and more cost-effective way to modify DNA using a proprietary and patented method called DRAP (Direct, Rapid And Precise). DRAP solves the inefficiencies of gene modification and has immediate applications in drug development, gene therapy and advancing biomedical research. >Website


Arcanum Alloy Design, Inc. is a materials science and engineering company founded to develop next-generation metal alloys and novel processes for their efficient production.  


Carbon Solutions Group is an environmental consulting firm specializing in renewable energy and greenhouse gas mitigation. CSG works with corporations, institutions, municipalities, architects and non-profits throughout the world. CSG promotes education towards environmental stewardship goals with definition, management, mitigation and offsetting strategies. CSG’s assets are from “new” renewable generation facilities or carbon reduction projects in the U.S., Europe and Asia. >Website


CGC Products, LLC is a research-oriented, engineered materials company focused on developing micro-scale materials for a wide variety of applications including; construction materials, composite materials and the oilfield services industry.  


Chromatin, Inc. is a biotech company developing and marketing innovative technologies and products that benefit the agricultural, energy, chemical, nutritional, and pharmaceutical sectors. Since 2000, the company has successfully developed and commercialized its proprietary gene stacking technology, which can be used to simultaneously, and precisely introduce multiple genes in any plant. Now, by deploying a broad and unique intellectual property platform, Chromatin is developing specialized sorghum feedstocks for the renewables industry. These next generation, high-quality feedstocks are being designed by Chromatin’s elite team of experts to meet the precise yield and performance requirements of the bioprocessing industry. >Website


Pioneering a new grid-based technology for easy and steadfast data storage. Set to be industry leaders, Cleversafe hopes to change the way that businesses and individuals store information through a revolutionary breakthrough in secure and reliable data storage on a distributed grid. >Website


Comarch is a global IT business solutions provider specializing in forging client relationships to maximize customers’ profitability and optimizing operations and business processes. The IT software and services provided by Comarch have been designed with precise specifications geared toward offering breakthrough solutions for the Telecommunications and Financial Services industries. In the fourteen years since its inception, Comarch has emerged as one of the world’s leading IT business solutions providers. >Website


Consumer Health Advisers Inc. offers consumer health management informationservices to large self-insured employers and their employees. The focus ofthe enterprise is maintaining a robust flow of reliable information andadvice to employees and their dependents, who now face new expectationsabout financial responsibility and self-management of their health andhealth care benefits. The foundation of the firm is a web-based technologyplatform called the Consumer Health Management Center (CHMC). Uniqueaspects of this offering are: (1) a pre-populated Personal Health Record(PHR), automatically updated with the members’ claims and clinicaldiagnostic information; (2) automated alerts and reports for guidance ofhealth and healthcare choices; (3) on-line decision support tools to assistin making financial and wellness decisions; and (4) availability of a widerange of on-demand coaching and counseling services in conjunction with thetechnology platform. CHMC is directly licensed to plan sponsors as anemployee benefit. Most coaching services are included free of charge to theemployee; a few professional advisory services are paid for as used by theconsumer. A robust management reporting portfolio enables the employer/plansponsor to monitor CMHC utilization, health improvement, and cost.  


DonorPath is a Fundraising Intelligence platform that enables nonprofit organizations to use their own data to create better fundraising results. By calling individual, corporate, foundation, and special event giving data from an organization’s database, DonorPath creates, visualizes, and shares new performance insights to help staff and volunteers align strategy formulation, budget allocation, and decision-making with revenue goals. >Website


Founded in 2004, Education Design and Development Resource Corporation (EDDR) designs and delivers online and in-person professional development training to professionals worldwide. EDDR Corporation works with organizations that are in need of Instructional Design Professionals to create customized training solutions. From small projects to enterprise programs, EDDR is your training partner for facilitators, instructional designers, technical writers and other resources for your next training project. >Website


eMotion creates and offers wireless devices that support communication between those that are physically separated but emotionally together in a simple and safe manner. Our first product, the BFF<3 pendant is targeted towards girls aged between 7 and 12. The pendant acts as a secure gateway to an online social network. It is also a wireless communication device and a customizable fashion accessory. Through the BFF<3 pendant and related product line, eMotion is able to provide unparalleled safety for tweens online through fun, engaging, and innovative real-world products that act as gateways to the social network. >Website


ForeLight, LLC, is a company founded on innovation through collaboration, a niche player in the specialty and nutraceutical algae industry, and the only organic producer of DHA algae products in North America. Aiming to bring a new and better product to the fast-growing market of algae supplements, ForeLight engineers have developed photobioreactor technology that enables highly efficient organic production of high-value products, with minimal manufacturing costs. Its expansion plans include spirulina, chlorella, bio-diesel, and other valuable algae-based products, and is currently exploring other applications of its photobioreactor technology. >Website


HEVT is primarily focused on the development, commercialization and scale of a patented platform of technologies enabling high-performing, more reliable and cost-efficient electric motors / generators and related power electronics. Its switched reluctance motor (SRM) technologies perform without the use of rare earth metals. HEVT's patented family of SRMs provides a novel alternative to induction and permanent magnet motors / generators with disruptive cost benefits. HEVT is one of a handful of companies with SRM expertise and the necessary and complementary expertise in power electronics and control. Its technologies have attracted funding from the Department of Energy’s ARPA-E and the Office of Naval Research. >Website


IMI Innovations, Inc. is a technology firm that develops multiple-user and bi-manual software for professional users, media, gaming, music, and other industry sectors. IMI Innovations, Inc. is creating a new universe consisting of innovative tools and collaborative networks. The Firm has developed patent-pending architectures that provide system-level approaches to extended functionalities, input device forms, and collaborative interfaces. The Company has developed a fundamental system that operates in line with common industry standards insuring product interoperability while offering extremely low adoption risks. >Website


The mission of Intelligent Generation LLC is to be a catalyst for clean energy adoption by networking distributed power sources into virtual power plants. Its vision is to democratize how power is produced, stored and delivered to make renewable energy economically compelling. A first place winner of the 2009 Midwest Clean Tech Forum, IG uses patented technology to develop the IG Powerbroker. This is a smart device which, when combined with a stationary battery, can dramatically improve the economic efficiencies of a solar installation for large commercial structures or single family homes. >Website


JOULENZA is a manufacturer and distributor of industrial electric heaters and related components/systems. Customer service is supported with advanced mathematical simulation and a specialized laboratory. Main areas of research are: (1) zero-expansion ceramics; (2) advanced simulation for welding of plastics; and (3) infrared imaging applications. >Website


KENJIVA Energy Systems incrementally integrates Demand Response and Reduction strategies with Energy Efficiency, Recycling and Distributed Generation Assets to transition clients from waste to efficiency and sustainability. KENJIVA Consumer services include design, installation and maintenance of high efficiency HVAC, photovoltaic, small wind and solar thermal systems. KENJIVA Utility services center on smart/net metering solutions which include prototype field testing, AMR meter/module installation and the removal / recycling of legacy devices. >Website


Lenticular Research Group’s mission is to formulate and fund research on the crystalline lens of the eye. The goal of this work is to develop processes, procedures, and products that will effectuate the prevention or delay of presbyopia and age related cataracts. >Website


Martin-Protean is a biotechnology company that determines protein structure using chemical cross-linking and mass spectrometry. Its technology provides unique insight into protein structure, facilitating drug design and discovery. Its products can be used by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors as well as the NIH, national, and academic labs. >Website

MedTech BioScience

MedTech Bioscience is an emerging biotechnology company in the Chicago area. It combines time-tested methods of science with groundbreaking technology to develop drug- and disease-testing systems. Its mission is to revolutionize the diagnostics market with new technologies for home or professional use. >Website


Plans to develop and market food and beverage applications complemented with high-efficacy and high-quality nutraceutical supplements and pharmaceutical systems. Products will feature and incorporate high-concentration EPA & DHA omega-3 oils and calcium complexation ingredients to treat specific health conditions. The highest priority target conditions are disease states resulting from deficiencies in EPA & DHA essential fatty acids and calcium such as ADHD, high-cholesterol, and osteoporosis. NanoFluence has demonstrated a range of food and beverage products featuring omega-3 oils and is conducting formulation and optimization work to reduce both the effective dosage level and the time to realize noticeable gains in treating target conditions.  


Neochloris, Inc., a green-tech startup, specializes in greenhouse gas reduction and alternative energy production. We have several patented and patent-pending technologies in algae cultivation, methane generation from wastes, and smart systems for process optimization and control. Collectively, these technologies help our clients reduce their carbon emissions producing alternative energy at the same time with unprecedented payback times and returns on investments. >Website


NextGen Technology is a leading supplier of Bluetooth® interoperability testing solutions. It works closely with some of the leading global automotive brands and helps to improve customer satisfaction with Bluetooth® in-car systems. NextGen: helps Bluetooth® silicon manufacturers validate their products against a wide variety of handsets worldwide; assists cell phone manufacturers with their interoperability testing requirements for handsets; and works with portable navigation suppliers to increase interoperability of their in-car navigation systems. In addition to Bluetooth® testing services, NextGen produces a range of innovative Bluetooth® multimedia products that aim to significantly improve the in-car multimedia experience for driver and passengers. NextGen is a member of the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) and is partnered with SONY Technology Centre UK for global manufacturing. >Website


OnPoint Digital, Inc. is an eLearning and mobile solutions provider dedicated to the development of powerful yet affordably priced online learning and performance management tools for enterprise customers. OnPoint offers a full-featured Learning Management System software suite, enabling the creation and management of rich-media courseware, online assessments, appraisals, skills tracking and detailed reporting, plus numerous optional modules such as integrated analytics, e-commerce, portal/intranet and advanced mobile learning offerings. Aided by its acquisition of LiquidTalk, OnPoint’s innovative Mobile Workforce Engagement solutions allows companies to easily create, deliverand track mobile content, communications and assessments directly to users’ cell phones and smart phones, minimizing the device-specific constraints and deployment costs associated with other mobile solutions. CellCasts are ideal for mobile learning, product updates, data collection and field communications. For more information, visit or >Website


PixelEXX is an early stage company commercializing novel and proprietary metal-semiconductor structures invented at Washington University in St. Louis, and subsequently developed into ultra-fast, ultra-sensitive, high-density detectors. PixelEXX is targeting biomedical instrumentation for research, drug-discovery and diagnostics markets where the need for sensitive, rapid, label-free measurements is a crucial unmet need. >Website


Powertrib Ltd. is an innovative test laboratory located in Oxford, United Kingdom and Chicago, IL. The company offers consultancy services & testing in the field of tribology, which is the science of interacting surfaces including friction, wear, lubrication, surface damage & modifications and coatings. Powertrib was established in 2008, and it is based on more than 15 years of experience concerning tribology testing, lubricants and lubricant additives. Industries served include: automotive, wind, mechanical components, oil and chemical (e.g., coatings, lubricants and additives). >Website


An R&D company focusing on new technologies in imaging. Predictek analyzes functional brain images for the pharmaceutical industry, and is developing a new kind of multispectral imaging for use by eye care professionals. >Website


ProOnGo makes mobile expense reporting as easy as a snap. With ProOnGo Expense, smartphone owners submit their expense reports simply by taking pictures of their receipts with a BlackBerry®, iPhone™, or Windows Mobile® phone. Expense details are prepared automatically by ProOnGo’s Receipt Reader service, and the results are available for export to Microsoft® Excel, QuickBooks® Online Edition, and more. Time and mileage tracking are also included, making ProOnGo Expense a complete expense tracking solution for today’s busy mobile professional. >Website


Red Rabbit Software provides transformative solutions to Fortune 500companies. These solutions collaborate people, processes, and technologyacross department and enterprise boundaries in ways that significantlycompress, simplify, and accelerate the underlying business operations.Transformative solutions connect and extend the enterprise by eliminatinginefficiencies that originate in process gaps between internal businessunits, external partners, and respective computing environments. By bridgingthese gaps, Red Rabbit Software enables communication across networks ofapplications. Our value add to our customers is swift and continuous returnon investment. This is achieved through a new technology at the heart ofwhich is Complex Event Processing Engine. >Website


The Saarland Technology Corporation promotes Saarland Technology and Saarland high-technology products in international markets. The Saarland Technology Corporation acts as a one-stop shop for state-of-the-art technology. With focused industry workshops, tailored in-house presentations, marketing and technology scouting, it provides high-quality services to high-technology clients. >Website


The Sarmas Group is an early-stage firm with a focus on developing and deploying a number of advanced active packaging technologies within the foodservice disposables market. Hydrohive™, the firm’s platform coating technology, offers both plastic and paperboard packaging converters and its end-user markets a number of functional product and quality centric performance benefits when compared to currently available active and non-active packaging technologies. The company has built a substantial partner portfolio and has collaborated with a number of global packaging firms to introduce a new category of low-cost, high-performance, active beverage and take-out packaging solutions to the North American and Europeanquick-service restaurant markets.  

Smart Grid Network, Inc.

Smart Grid Network, Inc. is an award-winning, online media and technology company committed to advancing the smart grid industry’s contribution to a sustainable energy future.  Through its knowledge discovery and communication portal at, Smart Grid Network provides cutting-edge customer education and engagement services for electric utilities, workforce development training for energy professionals, and helps smart grid vendors promote their innovative solutions to interested consumers around the world. >Website


Develops innovations in photovoltaic cells for use in the design of environmentally friendly buildings. The innovation involves the use of holography to concentrate the sun’s rays, significantly enhancing the performance of solar cells. >Website


Swim Lane Software, Inc. develops and sells processautomation software for health insurance companies. Approximately 30% of HealthInsurance Payer (Payer) transactions “stop”,requiring human intervention to complete the exception transaction. This representshundreds of millions of exception transactions each year and hundreds of millionsof dollars. Swim Lane has developed a product, GenomeBPM™, which reducesthe cost, time and complexity of health insurance exception processing. GenomeBPM™ leveragesbusiness process management (BPM) and Business Rules Engine (BRE) technologiesto centrally store, manage and execute exception rules.  


The Center is operated by the Black Metropolis Technology Commission, an entity of the Bronzeville Community Development Partnership. The Commission believes that Bronzeville is poised to become the city’s Tech Hub and that it is critical to enhance the community’s position in the innovation economy. The Center's business incubator model is called T3: Tourism, Technology and Transportation. It has developed three key products and services for the incubator: Sustainable Bronzeville designed to create a critical mass for a collection of urban sustainability strategies; a digital heritage entertainment network; and the State Street Information Technology Corridor a smart community convergence plan. >Website

VG SmartGlass

VG SmartGlass has developed a proprietary film-based shading system that is integrated into a window. Users can make any window can go from clear to completely dark with various shades in between. This technology results in solar heat gain reduction, view preservation, and the ability to maintain complete privacy. The technology costs a fraction of other “smart window” options currently on the market, has simple installation and operation, and can be applied as an aftermarket solution to existing windows. >Website

Video Analytica

Video Analytica is developing scalable and computationally efficient solutions for multimedia applications involving classification and retrieval of video, image, and audio events. The current focus of the work is on smart camera technologies. >Website


Virtual.PYXIS is a U.S.-based maker of structural topology optimization software recommended for engineers and designers who need to create innovative components and assemblies with reduced mass. Developed by Brazilian scientists using concepts first introduced at the University of Sao Paulo, the software is able to handle from simple to complex optimization situations which may also involve non-linear analysis features (plasticity and contact) and compliant mechanism systems.  >Website


A technology development company with a strong focus on robotics and machine intelligence applications and their integration into industries such as pharmaceuticals and health care. Wrightwood Technologies Inc. (WTI) aims to provide both the public and private sectors with technologies and services that improve efficiency, increase production, reduce costs, eliminate waste, and improve societies’ over-all quality of life. Its most significant project to date involves a subsidiary (Cherry Instruments) which handles distribution and sales of Countercurrent Chromatography equipment and service in North America, while developing applications and incremental improvements of this technology to the world. >Website

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